What’s really going on in the Houston comedy scene

This is crazy! A town so big with so many venues and clubs can’t seem to sustain a long lasting friendly comedy outlet for people who inspire themselves to become relevant to the city where they are from. ¬†Yeah there’s LA, New York and Chicago where comedians have to migrate there to experience their desires. Houston is such a melting pot for everything except comedy it’s a segregated nightmare with attitudes and egos from every end. Open mic doesn’t exist it’s more like let me practice before my show this weekend and so what if “Joe Blow” wants to try it out for the sake of his admiration. I guess he’ll have to keep shooting one liners at the stores and signal lights before an open mic is available to him or better yet let’s wait until 1:45 am while the club is about to close and the waitstaff, the janitor along with the super drunk people endure his jokes. Yeah too exciting.